Advanced Imaging

PENTAX Medical i-scan image processing provides digital image enhanced endoscopy (IEE). i-scan provides real-time virtual chromoendoscopy1 for a detailed view of mucosal and vascular patterns with three different enhancement options that highlight specific anatomical features. This range of enhanced visualization modes can support early detection, demarcation and characterization of disease lesions. Together with PENTAX Medical’s advanced HD endoscopes, i-scan has been proven to increase adenoma detection rates to help physicians meet quality measurement standards.1,2

i‑scan imaging

  • Control what you see with enhanced options

  • Enhanced visualization, improved detection


WavSTAT4™ Optical Biopsy System

  • Confirmation in one second and rapid computerised prediction of histology in colorectal lesions

  • Objective interpretation of polyp structure to reduce false negative rates

  • Easy operation by performing optical and physical biopsies with the same forceps

  • Potential to reduce costs, time and risks