WavSTAT4™ Optical Biopsy System

The WavSTAT4™ Optical Biopsy System offers a simplified yet highly effective way of rapid confirmation of uncertain lesions as colorectal cancer in an early stage, when recovery rates are high. This innovative
technology instantly and accurately confirms if tissue is normal, neoplastic or non-neoplastic. It allows the real-time prediction of adenomatous colorectal tissue.

The WavSTAT4™ Optical Biopsy System utilises laserinduced fluorescence spectroscopy and an optical fibre to transmit laser light via the flexible endoscope to the tissue. The fluorescence light from the tissue returns to an optical detector for analysis and displays a binary message: “Suspect” or “Non Suspect”. The WavSTAT4™ Optical Biopsy System is a promising technology for interpreting uncertain polypoid structures objectively. It has the potential to support the diagnostic and therapeutic pathway and reduce unnecessary polypectomies with possible side-effects and potentially supports resect and discard strategies. The system is compatible with existing endoscopic equipment and is FDA and CE Mark certified.

Key advantages
Key advantages
• Confirmation in one second and rapid computerised prediction of histology in colorectal lesions
• Objective interpretation of polyp structure to reduce false negative rates
• Easy operation by performing optical and physical biopsies with the same forceps
• Potential to reduce costs, time and risks associated with the redundant removal of diminutive hyperplastic lesions

Product Specifications

Electrical Input Voltage Electrical Input Frequency Dimensions Weight Laser Outer Diameter Working Length
(VAC) (Hz) (mm) (kg) (mm) (mm) (mm)
100-240 50-60 1111 x 622 x 622 45.5 337.1 Nitrogen Pulsed 2.4 2300


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