Video Processor EPK‑i7000

The EPK-i7000 is a state-of-the-art video processor engineered for practitioners seeking advanced endoscopic performance. This powerful HD platform offers crisp, clear imaging, and the use of i-scan technology may help improve lesion detection and characterization. The EPK-i7000 is the first endoscopy processor to offer integrated HD recording to collect and share findings. All of these advanced features are easily accessed through an intuitive user interface.

State-of-the-art HD Imaging 

The EPK-i7000’s HD image processing is designed to provide enhanced, highly detailed live and recorded videos. Advanced features include fully digital signal processing that reduces visible noise and dynamic range expansion that helps illuminate hard-to-see distal areas. In addition, Freeze scan has been designed to ensure all captured images are clear and free of distortion.

i-scan Enhanced Visualization

i-scan is a digital, software-based image enhancement that provides real-time virtual chromoendoscopy1. This physician-controlled per-pixel modification of HD white light images enhances mucosal surface texture and visualization of blood vessels in three algorithms: SE, CE, and TE. In addition, the unique twin mode displays both the white light and enhanced i-scan image simultaneously. Physicians can switch seamlessly in real time among the three i-scan modes and white light image to view multiple aspects of tissue structure, which may increase disease detection and characterization.


Intuitive Control of Advanced Features
The advanced features of the EPK-i7000 image processor are accessed and controlled through an intuitive touch screen interface. This customizable user interface allows for an efficient endoscopic workflow.


1. Neumann H, Vieth M, Fry LC., et al. Learning curve of virtual chromoendoscopy for the prediction of hyperplastic and adenomatous colorectal lesions: a prospective 2 center study. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 2013;78(1):115-120.

Lamp Video Output Image Enhancement Image Recording Network Connectors Dimentions Weight
HD Standard
(W x H x D)(mm) (kg)
300W Xenon Lamp HD-SDI x 2, DVI x 1 RGB x 1, Y/C x 2, VIDEO OUT x 1 PENTAX i-scan USB Flash Memory, External Hard Disk Drive RS-232C, RJ45 400 x 205 x 520 21.5


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