ENT and IT Cybersecurity

Informatics, Speech, Voice and Swallowing Products Cybersecurity

Most Informatics, Speech, Voice and Swallowing Systems utilize a Microsoft Windows Operating System. Each month Microsoft releases new patches which address vulnerabilities it has identified. PENTAX Medical reviews this release for patches which impact our products. Each patch is evaluated, and our products tested for compatibility. The list of compatible patches can be provided upon request.


ModelOperating SystemSpecialty
9200C Windows XP Stroboscopy
7245C Windows XP FEES/MBS/Swallowing
4307 Windows XP/Windows 7 Speech/Acoustic
4307-2 Windows 7 Speech/Acoustic
9200D Windows 7 Stroboscopy
7245D Windows 7 FEES
9310HD Windows 7 Stroboscopy
7195B Windows 7 FEES
endoPRO iQ v7.x Windows 7, Windows 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2   Multi-Specialty 


In the case that these products are operated in a stand-alone mode, there is no impact from the ransomware virus and there is no need to apply the security patch.

When these products are used in a network, we recommend ensuring that the Windows PCs are updated.

Please consult with your IT department to ensure your devices are sufficiently protected. If you have further questions or comments, contact your local PENTAX Medical representative.