Perfection improved

Introducing the upgraded Visi-Pitch™, the complete therapeutic solution, now available with USB connectivity.

Ideal for the therapeutic environment, Visi-Pitch™ is an essential tool for capturing acoustic signals, documenting client progress, providing real-time auditory and visual biofeedback during therapy sessions, and collecting objective quantitative data to support clearly defined discharge criteria.

Proven results

The Visi-Pitch™ hardware and software package is a fundamental therapeutic tool for the accurate capture and playback of acoustic signals of speech and voice production for evaluation and treatment purposes.

Proven analysis algorithms contribute to clinicians’ understanding of phonatory behavior, including frequency-, amplitude-, and cepstral-based voice quality measures. Professional grade hardware includes advanced audio capture to discern small differences in acoustic signals for accurate results, ensuring measures are repeatable and reliable.

Ideal therapeutic solution

PENTAX Medical speech products supplement standard speech therapy with real-time processing for immediate visual and auditory biofeedback. Studies have shown that adding biofeedback during speech therapy can improve progress and accelerate patient acquisition of therapy goals.


Visi-Pitch™ is pre-loaded with the following software modules:

  • MDVP
  • Real-Time Pitch
  • Motor Speech Profile
  • Waveform Editor
  • Real-Time Spectrogram
  • Sona-Match
  • Voice Games
  • Auditory Feedback Tools

Real-time software provides a fun and interactive way to motivate and stimulate clients during speech therapy tasks. It reinforces desired vocal behavior such as loudness, intonation, and pitch training; articulation training, training for the singing voice; and the acquisition of therapy goals targeting dysarthria, dysfluency, and other motor speech, and voice disorders.

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