DEFINA EPK‑3000 Video Processor

Premium HD and i-SCANTM Image Enhancement Functionality in a Compact System

The DEFINA EPK-3000 offers HD image processing and i-SCAN™ enhancement technology, providing premium functionality in a light and compact system. In conjunction with the J10 Series Naso-Pharyngo- Laryngoscopes, the DEFINA is an optimal platform for in-office assessment and therapeutic procedures.


Brilliant HD Imaging

  • Vivid, High-Definition images provide sharp and clear visualization of structures and details
  • Engineered with super resolution technology for low distortion image processing


Provides sharp, clear, HD images of nasal, pharyngeal, and laryngeal anatomy


Advanced Visualization

  • PENTAX Medical image enhancement technology, i-SCAN, combines Surface Enhancement (SE), Contrast Enhancement (CE), and Tone Enhancement (TE) to highlight topography, edges, and color tones
  • i-SCAN enhances visualization of blood vessels and surface anomalies contributing information to patient assessment and treatment planning


i-SCAN image enhancement technology offers three customizable modes — i-SCAN 1, 2, and 3 — that enhance image topography, edges, and color tone highlighting vascularity and surface anomalies.


Efficient and Compact Design

  • Compact, portable design supports clinical offices with limited space
  • One-handed white balance contributes to an efficient work flow
  • 180° image rotation facilitates easy transition from fiber scopes






DEFINA EPK-3000 Video Processor

HD video output Standard video output User interface Image Enhancement Endoscopy function Light source Compatible Video Endoscopes Dimensions [W x H x D / weight]
DVI-D RGB, Y/C, composite Touch-button control panel, keyboard i-SCAN 1, i-SCAN 2, and i-SCAN 3 via quick-access buttons 150W Xenon J10 Series video Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscopes 350 x 180 x 485 mm / 13.0 kg


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