IMAGINA EPK‑i5500c Video Processor

Your choice for daily practices

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Developed by directly integrating feedback from doctors worldwide, the IMAGINA video processor was made for your daily diagnostic and therapeutic needs.

Improved diagnostic outcome
IMAGINA supports each step of the clinical pathway, from screening to diagnosis towards day-to-day therapy, with state of the art HD image quality powered by i-scan.

Cost efficient, reliable and safe
With its innovative technology IMAGINA reduces running and investment costs due to latest LED illumination. The PENTAX Medical heat-control mechanism avoids uncontrolled heating of the distal tip to address safety concerns.

Improved workflow efficiency
Unconventional design, integration and connectivity. A user-friendly and intuitive platform with a customizable menu for procedure optimization, and on-screen image collection and patient documentation.


The IMAGINA i10c endoscopes

The endoscope range for your effective daily procedures


Safer procedure with heat control mechanism

  • Prevents overheating of the distal tip and potential damage to the mucosa.
  • Temperature controlled LED illumination delivers brighter, clearer images during procedures.

Expand your diagnostic & therapeutic capabilities

  • Improved therapeutic performance with optimised endoscope and working channel outer diameter ratio.
  • Proven PENTAX waterjet technology assists to maintain a clean, clear operating field. 

Smarter procedure flow

  • One-handed connection and easier endoscope handling with new small, lightweight connector.
  • Watertight connector without soaking cap reduces risk of endoscope flooding.


IMAGINA Video Processor

Video Output User interface i-scan virtual chromoendoscopy Video and audio recording Light source Dimensions [W x H x D / weight] D-Range expansion Freeze Scan Digital zoom Display languages
1080P (16:9) / SXGA (5:4) / XGA (4:3) 7 inch customizable, smartphone-like touchscreen Digital image enhancement (SE, CE, TE) Integrated function, external USB storage device LED 380 x 155 x 420 mm / 13 kg Yes Yes Up to x2.0 15: English, Spanish, Swedish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian & Japanese

Video Endoscopes

Direction of view Field of View Depth of Field Tip angulation Tip deflection right-left Distal End Diameter Insertion Tube Diameter Max. insertion portion diameter Min. instrument channel diameter Working Length Rigid distal length
Up / Down
(°) (mm) (°) (°) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
Forward 140 3-100 210-120 120-120 10.8 9.8 11 3.2 1,050 20
Forward 140 3-100 180-180 160-160 11.5 11.6 12.85 3.8 1,300/1,500/1,700 20.8
Forward 140 3-100 180-180 160-160 13.2 13.2 14.65 3.8 1,300/1,500/1,700 20


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