High‑Definition Digital Video Capture Module: Model 9310HD

The 9310HD Digital Video Capture Module is a powerful computer hardware platform with PENTAX Medical software for the recording and playback of high-definition video exams. The 9310HD was engineered specifically for ENT specialists to optimize exam viewing and exam data management.

Optimal exam viewing

The 9310HD Digital Video Capture Module was engineered specifically for ENT specialists to optimize exam viewing. Advanced features include slow-motion and frame-by-frame playback of procedure recordings; the ability to zoom in and pan through paused exam frames; and a simple, one-step montage of the glottal cycle.
The 9310HD also features a side-by-side display mode to compare pre- and post-intervention exams.

Uncompromised video quality

The 9310HD records exams in an uncompressed video format for immediate review in the highest image quality. Saved exams are stored for retrieval and playback in industry-standard video format.

Supports clinical efficiency

The 9310HD PENTAX Medical Digital Video Capture Module includes an exam management system for easy retrieval of patient records. The system also generates automated reports with still images to summarize key exam findings and supports  clinical efficiency in today’s busy ENT practices.

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