Nasometer II: Model 6450

Nasometer II is a powerful tool to assess and treat nasality problems often associated with cleft palate and other velopharygeal disorders. It provides objective measurement for evidence-based treatment selection, and visual and auditory feedback for improved patient acquisition of therapy goals.

Supports evidence-based treatment

Nasometer II provides objective measure of nasalance. Numerous clinical studies have shown that nasalance correlates with perceptual assessment of nasal speech and can be used to support an evidence-based clinical practice.

Easy to use

Nasometer II utilizes a convenient set of built-in, standardized assessment passages and picture stimuli for children. These easy-to-use assessment tools minimize variability in application and help produce accurate results.

Improves therapy results

The Nasometer II offers real-time processing for immediate visual and auditory biofeedback of nasalance measures. Studies have shown that the Nasometer II accelerates patient acquisition of therapy goals.

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