Our Customer Commitment

Not just equipment service: A service partner

PENTAX Medical products come with a unique service offering of three commitments to our customers:

  • Partnership
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Operational confidence

1. Partnership
We’re committed to being a trusted partner for after-sales service.
PENTAX Medical works with you today and over time to better understand and meet your needs. We help you get the most from your investments and deliver the best in care. We strive to provide a customer experience that demonstrates how easy we are to do business with.
2. Total cost of ownership
We actively remove financial risks and provide added value for better overall bottom line results.
Our added value starts with competitive, fixed-price service contracts. We follow through with preventive maintenance, high-quality workmanship, repair history analyses, utilization management, and more.
3. Operational confidence
We’re committed to creating an operating environment that gives you confidence.
From the industry’s leading Loaner program, to fast repairs made with approved parts by factory-trained technicians, to everyday education and advice, our comprehensive OEM service and support aims to drive uptime, performance, and safety.