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New PENTAX Digital Video Duodenoscope ED-3470TK

New PENTAX Digital Video Duodenoscope ED-3470TK

May 6, 2005

The Digital Video Duodenoscope ED-3470TK supplies – with the combination of Pentax DSP Technology and High Resolution colour CCD Chips – endoscopic images of brilliant quality regarding resolution and colour reproduction in the unique full screen size. Caused by this even greater precision when assessing mucous membranes and a better classification of abnormalities through digital enhancement with the EPK-1000 Digital Video Processor can be made.

The duodenoscope ED-3470TK offers outstanding possibilities. In spite of their standard outer diameter this instrument allows the presence of a spacious working channel of 4.2mm. By this it is predestined for a variety of special diagnostic and therapeutic applications. With its help all demands of the day in praxis can be realized.

The control body of the new standard duodenoscope ED-3470TK, which has been constructed innovatively and after the latest ergonomic findings, is equipped with four individually programmable remote buttons and stands with it for optimal handling in the daily routine. The video connector is 180° rotatable, preventing coiling and bending of the umbilical cable during.

With the ED-3470TK special constructed A/W nozzles at the distal end ensure an optimal cleaning of the lens. Caused by this the user has a best possible view on the field of the examination during the whole procedure.

Safe investment as compatibility of the ED-3470TK Digital Video Duodenoscope to all existing K series video processors is maintained.


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