Why PENTAX Medical Service

It's best to have your equipment serviced by the people who know it best

After-sales service has a direct impact on the performance, safety, operational availability and cost effectiveness of your equipment.

A service partnership with PENTAX Medical gives you peace of mind in your equipment and helps you get the most out of your investment.

When partnering with us, you can count on these nine important advantages:


  • Expertise you can trust

You can rest assured that your PENTAX Medical equipment is being serviced by the people who built it and know it best. With expert knowledge of both the latest PENTAX Medical technology and safety requirements, our service technicians are qualified to carry out any and all maintenance and repair that might be required.

  • Genuine parts for 100% performance and compliance

Your PENTAX Medical equipment comes with manufacturer parts that are engineered to function perfectly with one another and have gone through a rigorous validation process. Only PENTAX Medical Service uses genuine PENTAX Medical replacement parts, maintaining and restoring your equipment to its original performance specifications. Plus, parts are backed by our OEM warranty.

  • Tailored repair technology and processes

PENTAX Medical Service technicians have a range of exclusive diagnostic equipment, tools, jigs, procedures and quality control tests designed specifically for maintaining and repairing your PENTAX Medical instrumentation. This helps ensure the highest standard of work and patient safety and contributes to reduced turnaround times.

  • Inspected service facilities

PENTAX Medical Service repairs are performed in facilities subject to regulatory inspection (certified according to ISO 13485) as well as to strict internal PENTAX Medical disinfection and safety policies and controls.

  • Safety-tested materials

To ensure repaired endoscopes won’t adversely affect patients, we use only direct and indirect patient contact components, parts, glues, adhesives and lubricants that have been thoroughly tested for biocompatibility to avoid cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitisation.

  • Protection from cross-contamination risk

PENTAX Medical Service ensures that repaired endoscopes support OEM manual cleaning and reprocessing claims and, therefore, do not pose a safety issue to your patients.

  • Fast turnaround and an industry-leading loan program

We provide fast repairs in combination with the premier loan instruments program in terms of fleet size and fill rate to help you maintain uptime and avoid asset over-utilisation. In addition, some of our service contracts include a loan scope held in your unit for immediate use. That means, you can schedule and care for patients with complete confidence.

  • Preventive maintenance inspections

Our on-site preventive maintenance inspections identify and resolve issues before they impact your equipment’s performance. This helps further reduce unplanned downtime, keep costs in check and assure patient safety.

  • Support to optimise your operations

With PENTAX Medical as your service partner, you’ll receive proactive and ongoing added-value support to make your operations more effective and efficient. Our offerings include GI unit analysis, repair history reviews, equipment utilisation analysis and training in the care and first-line maintenance of endoscopy systems. 

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