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Training for Excellence

The detection and characterization of gastrointestinal cancers are important steps during routine endoscopy. High definition white light endoscopy alone does not provide sufficient details in order to characterize mucosal lesions. The equipment based image enhanced endoscopy technique (i-scan) highlights vascular details and mucosal surface architecture.

The possibilities that arise from the use of this i-scan technology will be taught in the following Training for Excellence courses:

Advanced colonoscopy - from imaging to therapeutic decisions
20 July 2016
University Hospital Erlangen
Trainers: Prof Helmut Neumann, Dr Martin Grauer, Dr Andreas Nägel, Silke Löffler

This course provides an introduction to and teaching of advanced endoscopic imaging modalities in flexible luminal endoscopy, with a special focus on the colon. All available techniques will be scientifically discussed and different cases will be presented. Focus of the course will be the in vivo detection, characterization and in vivo confirmation of early neoplastic lesions. An additional focus will be on the differentiation of mucosal healing in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Advanced imaging in GI
28 July 2016
University College Hospital, London
Trainers: Dr Rehan Haidry, Dr Matthew Banks, Dr Laurence Lovat

The aim of this training is to inform Endoscopists of the use of enhanced imaging to better diagnose pathology in the upper GI tract and demonstrate how early diagnosis can be treated with minimally invasive therapy.

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