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PENTAX Utility Movie put to use as a new medium supporting small endoscope repair jobs

PENTAX Utility Movie put to use as a new medium supporting small endoscope repair jobs

June 10, 2011

Recent health care reforms have caused hospital and doctors' practice costs to skyrocket. To survive on the cost-intensive health market, operators are forced to exercise more efficient management. The administrative and technical expenditure of medical technology is a heavy financial burden for every hospital. Through constant use, technical devices are submitted to a high degree of wear, driving up maintenance and upkeep costs to stave off the risk of instrument failure. Within medical technology, endoscopy is a valuable capital asset in a particularly sensitive area which can quickly become a driving cost factor through wear and tear.

The flexible endoscope is a precision instrument which includes highly sensitive mechanical, electrical and optical components. Any defect in this area will not only run up transport and repair costs, but will also cause loss of productivity. However, downtime is often caused by small defects, such as clogged nozzles, blocked valves or worn o-rings.

Based on changes on the instrument management market, PENTAX Europe GmbH is now introducing a new medium called 'Utility Movie' which offers enhanced service efficiency to customers worldwide. The Utility Movie is a sequence of interactive, instructional video clips with little or no spoken instructions. Each process is broken down into steps which are demonstrated in individual video clips of a few seconds length. In this way, the entire process is demonstrated, and each step can be repeated as often as deemed necessary.

Users can watch a video clip and then carry out the demonstrated step on their own. The video clips thus empower medical technical personnel to carry out minor repair work on the endoscope on their own. "We have created a visual medium which demonstrates each and every step of minor repair processes in an ideal manner. Medical technicians can, for example, learn how to clean a nozzle and implement what they have learned step by step, thus significantly reducing the downtime of the endoscope and, in consequence, making a contribution to cost reduction," says Patrick Golnik, Service Manager for PENTAX Europe.

The hands-on training PENTAX has been offering medical technical personnel for some years is now complimented with a new service product providing a new dimension of effective sustainability. In a nutshell, the Utility Film is a great way of improving day to day efficiency in hospitals and doctors' practices while at the same time reducing costs. The DVD is available for 49 euros at PENTAX Europe GmbH. As part of the training material, this DVD is provided to participants of medical technical training sessions at no extra charge. Go to for further training session details.

For further information please contact:
Christin Gocol
Marketing Coordinator



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