Hygiene consumable

DESIGNED FOR PENTAX – One product range that fits every PENTAX Medical endoscope

Manually pre-cleaning flexible endoscopes is key to ensuring reliable reprocessing as an end result.

Even with magnification, visual assessment of the manual pre-cleaning results is insufficient to detect microorganisms.

As such, PENTAX Medical provides a verified and validated solution to improve confidence in manual pre-cleaning, with the new PROfILE single-use cleaning brushes.

  1. Proven cleaning efficiency
  2. Designed and validated to meet PENTAX Medical’s quality standards
  3. Compliant with the Industry’s highest reprocessing standards

To learn more, please visit www.the-hygiene-solution-that-fits.com

Proven cleaning efficiency

In combination with PENTAX Medical endoscopes, the PROfILE single-use cleaning brushes were tested against residual soil and compared against the performance of legacy brushes. Through an authorized statistical test method, the internal validation proved both brushes to have a similar performance.

Designed and validated to meet PENTAX Medical's quality standards

PROfILE single-use cleaning brushes were made to meet the high-quality standards of PENTAX Medical engineering. Extensive internal tests have proven that they are the best possible fit to ensure proper hygiene results, with no impairment to the endoscope, across all types.

  • Tailored for PENTAX Medical endoscopes' precise dimensions, structures, and materials
  • Improved bonding and pull-off capability at optimal insertion resistance of ≤10N
  • No damage to endoscope working channels and reliable even at increased thermal conditions

Compliant with the industry's highest reprocessing standards

How clean is clean enough? This was the leading question of PENTAX Medical engineers when deciding upon the validation criteria for hygienic efficacy of the PROfILE single-use cleaning brushes. In order to follow established standards, PENTAX Medical validated against the requirements of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)1.

  Hemoglobin ( <2.2μg/cm)
Protein ( <6.4μg/cm)
Carbohydrate (<1.8μg/cm2 )
Article μg/article μg/cm2 Result μg/article μg/cm2 Result μg/article μg/cm2 Result
Endoscope 1 14.88 1.06 PASS 31.05 2.20 PASS 10.82 0.77 PASS
Endoscope 2 9.92 0.70 PASS 22.68 1.61 PASS 8.05 0.57 PASS
Endoscope 3 19.84 1.41 PASS 59.40 4.21 PASS 6.82 0.48 PASS

Ejemplo de prueba: residuo de tres fabricantes en el extremo distal del endoscopio después del tercer ciclo de limpieza, cumpliendo con los requisitos de la AAMI.
1 AAMI TIR30: 2011 Hemoglobina <2.2μg / cm2, Proteína <6.4μg / cm2, Carbohidrato <1.8μg / cm2
Los estándares AAMI no son aplicables para Europa.

Length Outer Diameter Color Compatible Working Channel Working Length Compatible Endoscopes
Gastroenterology Pulmonology ENT & Speech Intubation
(mm) (mm) (Shaft / Handle) (mm) (mm)
1,020 2 Blue 1.1 - 1.5 Up to 720 -- Yes Yes Yes
3,720 2 Blue 1.1 - 1.5 Up to 3,420 Yes -- -- --
2,220 3 White 1.7 - 2.4 Up to 1,920 Yes -- -- --
1,020 4 Orange 1.8 - 3.2 Up to 720 -- Yes Yes Yes
310 5,5 Yellow 2.0 - 5.0 N/A -- Yes Yes Yes
2,420 5,5 Yellow 2.0 - 5.0 Up to 2,120 Yes -- -- --
3,020 5,5 Yellow 2.0 - 5.0 Up to 2,720 Yes -- -- --
N/A 6-14 Cobalt Blue N/A N/A -- Yes Yes Yes
N/A 6-15 Green N/A N/A Yes -- -- --


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