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PENTAX Medical introduces new high definition video processor for gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging

PENTAX Medical introduces new high definition video processor for gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging

July 15, 2016

The new DEFINA GI system offers cost effective, high performance imaging in gastroenterology. 

The new PENTAX Medical DEFINA system in Pulmonology - High-definition at its best. 

Hamburg, Germany, 15th July 2016 – PENTAX Medical launches into Europe, Middle East and Africa a new high definition (HD) video processor for highly detailed endoscopic imaging of the gastrointestinal tract. The new DEFINA GI EPK-3000 performance system combines advanced HD imaging with i-scan image processing to cost effectively deliver excellence in image quality. This enhanced endoscopic in vivo diagnostic ensures faster detection, easier demarcation and characterization of gastrointestinal lesions to support improved patient outcomes.

The outstanding HD image quality produced by the new processor enables excellent visualization of gastrointestinal mucosal structures. Also contributing to the clear and more detailed visualization of the mucosa, dynamic range (D-range) expansion provides enhanced far field illumination, making distant darker areas far brighter on the endoscopic image. This assists when trying to view distal tissue, or when it is not possible to obtain a proximal view.

The new video processor is exceptionally easy to use with the i-scan buttons placed on the user friendly control panel for ease of access. The best possible clear, still images can also be readily captured during a procedure using the freeze scan function – in this mode the processor captures a series of images and automatically compares the sharpness of each to find the best quality still image. In addition, the DEFINA GI has a compact ergonomic design and is lightweight to easily fit into an existing clinical environment.

Commenting on the clinical use of the new DEFINA GI performance system, Dr. med. Carsten Pachmann, Internist practice, Hamburg, Germany, “The image is much brighter and clearer with less background noise and excessive light. Once you get used to the High Definition image it would be very difficult to work with Standard Definition imaging again. I see the i-scan function and HD image as the key benefit of the new processor.”

Rainer Burkard, President EMEA of PENTAX Medical, added, “The HD images generated by the DEFINA GI define a new standard in video endoscopy for advanced examinations due to the introduction of our proprietary technologies, such as super resolution technology and D-range expansion. The illumination and image quality, that the new processor cost effectively delivers, outshines standard definition imaging to provide greater depth and boost far field visualization for enhanced diagnostics.”

This new DEFINA system in Gastroenterology will be commercially available to all EMEA markets, except for UK & Syria.


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