USB Camera Kit

PENTAX Medical’s high-quality fiberscope add-on camera system delivers easy recording anywhere. The kit enables healthcare providers to plug-in and diagnose anywhere by connecting the camera to a bedside PC, even in a patient’s home. The PENTAX Medical USB Camera Kit consists of an add-on camera system and an external LED light source. For easy observation, diagnosis, and treatment during endoscopy, the system is compatible with PENTAX Medical’s fiberscopes and connects to any PC or laptop via USB.

State-of-the-art image features

PENTAX Medical’s fiberscope add-on camera system includes several state-of-the-art features, such as an anti-movement filter to sharpen images, automatic white balance, and a compact, bright LED light source.

Multifunctional design

PENTAX Medical’s fiberscope add-on camera system records still images, audio and video, and supports efficient data management, wherever the procedure takes place. The system’s compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for endoscopy in clinics, at bedside, and even in the patient‘s home. Additional features include the USB connector to transfer data, and a waterproof design for reprocessing and disinfection.

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