PENTAX Medical launches a new Performance Endoscopic Ultrasound System in Canada

November 14, 2022

Mississauga, ON – November 14th, 2022 – PENTAX Medical, a healthcare industry leader in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy solutions, announced today the Canadian launch of their new Performance Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) system; a combination of the new ARIETTA 65 PX ultrasound scanner and their best-in-class J10 Series Ultrasound Gastroscopes.

The ARIETTA 65 PX Performance ultrasound scanner is built for the endoscopic ultrasound practitioner who is focused on productivity. The system delivers brilliant imaging and value through its combination with the J10 Series Ultrasound Gastroscopes, to efficiently manage high case volumes with ease. The J10 Ultrasound Gastroscopes deliver the world-class ultrasound image PENTAX Medical customers have come to expect, but also the maneuverability they’ve been asking for. The Slim Linear Ultrasound Gastroscope is a game-changer to treat patients with challenging anatomy and the Therapeutic Linear Ultrasound Gastroscope provides clinicians with a unique, enlarged 4.0mm working channel, designed to expand therapeutic capability and increase instrument compatibility.

“With the ARIETTA 65 PX Performance EUS system added to our portfolio, that includes the ARIETTA 850 PX scanner and J10 Series Ultrasound Gastroscopes, we are providing our valued customers with the Power of ChoiceTM, that enables them to deliver enhanced patient care with two exceptional systems, each adapted to their needs.” says David Harrison, Chief Commercial Officer, PENTAX Medical Americas.

The J10 Series Ultrasound Gastroscope and ARIETTA 65 PX provide clinicians with:

Unparalleled Image Quality

Improved border delineation, stronger contrast, and deeper penetration are combined to deliver unparalleled image quality.

Enriched Diagnostics Tools

Rely on enriched diagnostic tools like Real-Time Tissue Elastography amongst other advanced technologies, that provide additional data to support clinical diagnostic confidence.

Exclusive Therapeutic Access

Depend on exclusive therapeutic access with the J10 Series Ultrasound Gastroscopes designed for optimized procedural efficiency when delivering advanced interventions. Shorter rigid distal section lengths, increased tip deflection, and a smaller bending radius deliver increased maneuverability and device control.

Shown is the ARIETTA 65 PX and J10 Series Ultrasound Gastroscopes

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