OPTIVISTA plus HD+ Video Processor

Improving in vivo diagnosis through a unique combination of optical and digital image enhancements

The OPTIVISTA plus improves upon its predecessor by delivering next-generation image processing power. This system offers transformative enhancements, including color and contrast advancements; optimization of the camera shutter speed; an overhauled noise reduction engine; increased video response time; and heightened cybersecurity. These state-of-the-art features greatly augment the endoscopist’s ability to treat patients efficiently and effectively.

  • OPTIVISTA plus supports diagnosis, guidance of treatment, and case documentation through an optimized image capture function that records sharper still images.
  • The OPTIVISTA plus was developed with healthcare facilities’ economics in mind.
  • In addition to a wide portfolio of GI video endoscopes, the system is also compatible with the endoscopic ultrasound platform and the 75 Series video bronchoscope lineup. 
  • The OPTIVISTA plus video processor improves in vivo diagnosis through next generation image processing power. 

Detection and Characterization with i-scan

i-scan is a software-based image processing technology that enhances digital images for display and visualization. i-scan modes combine image processing algorithms for Surface Enhancement (SE), Contrast Enhancement (CE), and Tone Enhancement (TE) to provide a digitally enhanced view of mucosal surface texture, contour and blood vessels with the intention of supporting lesion detection and pattern characterization.

Enhanced Detection and Characterization with i-scan

Vessel and surface pattern characterization with i-scan OE

PENTAX Medical has recently developed i-scan OE, an optical filter that produces bandwidth-limiting light. When combined with digital image enhancement technology, i-scan OE clearly displays mucosal surface structures, vascular networks and glandular ducts in higher contrast than white light.

Vessel and Surface Characterization with i-scan OE

i-scan Continuum

A Powerful Educational Platform

Teach and assess with the unique TwinMode

  • TwinMode is useful in teaching the appropriate interpretation of image enhanced endoscopy, providing simultaneous comparison of side by side endoscopic images.
  • Among experts, TwinMode is appreciated as an educational tool for “building the bridge” between HD+ white light images and the different digital and optical image enhancement modes and findings.

Collect and share with the unique integrated video and audio recording

  • The video recording function enables capture of HD+ video files through a USB storage device, for fast and easy sharing of findings with peers. Audio recording for video is captured through an external microphone.
  • Contributes to cost savings in the endoscopy room by avoiding unnecessary external HD recording devices.
  • For capturing and recording the sharpest image, the OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 also incorporates freeze scan technology which automatically selects the sharpest picture.

A Multifunctional Platform Across Diverse Procedures Types

  OPTIVISTA plus Compatibility

HD video outputs External device interface User interface Image Enhancement Compatible Video Endoscopes Lamp Dimensions [W x H x D / weight]
1080i via HD-SDI, DVI-D or SXGA via DVI-D, VGA USB (Front x 1, Rear x 2) and RJ45 (Ethernet) Touch screen, keyboard i-SCAN 1, i-SCAN 2, i-SCAN 3 (Optical Enhancement) 90K/90i/i10 Series Gastroscopes and Colonoscopes, ED34-i10T HD Video Duodenoscope, 70 Series Ultrasound Endoscopes, and 90/75 Series Bronchoscopes 300W Xenon Lamp 400 x 205 x 520 mm / 21.5 kg


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Disclaimer: i-SCAN and OE image enhancement technologies are intended to be used as an optional adjunct following traditional white light endoscopy and is not intended to replace histopathological sampling.