SCOPEPILOT ‑ The next generation 3D colon navigation system

True 3D and responsive representation

SCOPEPILOT NCU-7000 is the next-generation navigation system technology from PENTAX Medical designed to provide a true 3D live representation of the colonoscope shape and position inside the patient‘s bowel tract.

SCOPEPILOT provides pinpoint navigation and differentiation of the insertion tube segments for an efficient, safe, and comfortable procedure.

With true 3D representation of the endoscope and its crisp image quality, SCOPEPILOT supports accurate scope tracking, loop management for increased patient comfort, and may improve cecal intubation rate.


True 3D responsive image

  •  The 3D image is generated by integrated multidimensional sensors, which are induced by a magnetic field generated and transmitted to the control unit to be processed and displayed in real time during the procedure.
  •  The SCOPEPILOT image provides a 3D image with high depth of field in order to differentiate the loop configuration.
  •  There is real-time representation of the scope shape and position for a dynamic trackability and handling control.


SCOPEPILOT allows users to view the endoscopic image and the 3D image simultaneously.

Advanced orientation

SCOPEPILOT features different functions to support high standards of quality in colonoscopy and training.


  •  Image rotation on both a horizontal axis and a vertical axis for an improved differentiation of the insertion tube.
  •  Split screen allows simultaneous viewing of the anterior and superior positions to better explain complex anatomies.
  •  Zoom-in and zoom-out functionality for improved loop evaluation, enhanced training, and procedure reports that are easily comprehensible.
  •  External position sensor (EPS) help to correctly apply abdominal pressure to support and overcome difficulty during the intubation.
  •  Length markers along the colonoscope help to identify the insertion length and those areas of interest during the procedure. 


Navigation Control Unit NCU-7000

Voltage Fluctuation Frequency Video Output Control Signal Image Recording / format Dimensions [W x H x D / weight]
(V) (%) (Hz)
100 - 230 ±10 50 - 60 DVI (Resolution 1920 x 1080p) RCU, Keyboard, USB (USB 2.0 compliant) USB flash memory USB flash memory / JPEG 400mm x 115mm x 400mm / 7.4kg

Video Colonoscope EC38-i10N Series

Direction of view Field of View Depth of Field Tip angulation up-down / right-left Distal end / Insertion tube Max. Insertion Portion Width Minimum Instrument Channel Width Insertion portion working length
(°) (mm) (°) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
Forward 140 2–100 180–180 / 160–160 13.2 14.3 3.8 1700


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