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PENTAX Medical proudly presents the ENDO ARC and Plus

With this new addition to therapeutics, PENTAX Medical continues to strengthen its solutions offer. 

PENTAX Medical proudly presents the ENDO ARC and Plus, its own electrosurgical and APC platforms to serve its therapeutics accessories range. The electrosurgical unit and APC strengthen PENTAX Medical solutions by completing the integrated platform – from screening to diagnostic and into therapeutics.

The ENDO ARC is a world class specialist for electrosurgical cutting and coagulation concerns, offering a great variety of customizable safe modes. Both the ENDO ARC and Plus are software-based and therefore can be updated. Service work, such as safety checks, can be carried out by hospital maintenance staff due to the products’ reliability and simplicity.

A new addition to further enhance the innovative solution package.  

ENDO ARC: Safe. Reliable. Easy.

With the ENDO ARC‘s GastroCut modes, enodscopists can achieve the best results with polypectomies and papillotomies, as well as endoscopic resections with loops or knife electrodes. Users can variably adjust the haemostasis level of cutting and coagulation power to three speeds: slow, medium, and fast, as required. Every cut is thus optimised, and the operator can simply regulate the coagulation effect between nine different levels using the effect setting.

This allows the user to work cautiously to avoid complications, as well as proceed rapidly when the situation allows it.

Cutting modes for Endoscopy

GastroCut power type

Bipolar coagulation

To fully benefit from the safest hemostatic mode, connect the unique HemoStat WideCup (H-D2518/H-D2522) with the available bipolar adaptor (ref. 901-215) and turn in the Bipolar Standard mode on 20 W.

With the HemoStat WideCup, the high-frequency electricity only flows between the cups of the forceps so there is less heat diffusion around the forceps and lower risk of deeper burning and perforation.


HemoStat WideCup in combination  with ENDO ARC           Bipolar adaptor (ref. 901-215) for HemoStat WideCup.

ENDO Plus: Safe. Contact-free. Fast.

An electrical bridge is produced between the instrument and the tissue in argon-assisted electrosurgery, with the aid of the ionisation of argon gas. Take advantage of enhanced clinical effectiveness by fast contact-free coagulation with maximum protection against perforation and simple administration.

Safety advantages and perforation safety with low power setting
Energy setting (W) for effective ignition or therapeutic effect

The disposable APC probes with their round ceramic tips are atraumatic, protect the working channel of the endoscope and allow for safe and reliable low flow rates (0,4 – 0,6 l/min).

Mains Voltage Mains Frequency Mains power Mains fuse Power consumption in standby mode Power consumption at max. Width x Height x Depth Weight Classification under EC Directive 93/42/EEC Protection class according to EN 60601-1 Type according to EN 60 601-1 CE marking Maximum CUT power Maximum COAG power Mains-frequency
220-240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 4 A T 4 AH 65 VA 330 VA 430 x 150 x 400mm 10kg ll b l CF CE0123 250W 120W 330 kHz/1MHz
100-240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 0,7 A T 1 A 7 W/25 VA 35 W/70 VA 430 x 94 x 400mm 7.3kg ll a l - CE0123 - - -


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