Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

To avoid downtime and save money, arrange a preventive maintenance inspection check today to catch small equipment problems before they have a chance to become large ones.

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What you get with Preventive Maintenance Inspection

Key objectives:

  • Optimal equipment performance
  • Reduced downtime and associated costs due to failures
  • Lower cost of repair
  • Patient safety
  • Better utilization planning

When endoscopic systems are unavailable or not functioning correctly, productivity falls, costs rise, and patient care and safety can be compromised.

Preventive maintenance inspections can help keep your equipment operating properly, minimize downtime, and save money through early detection of slight defects before they become significantly more serious and costly—even before you start to notice a decline in performance.

With the PENTAX Medical Preventive Maintenance Inspection, a field technician will visit you onsite at a time that suits your workday to advise you on the condition of your endoscope.