Image Troubleshooting 

  • No image on monitor

    No image on monitor

    Possible Causes

      • Processor power is not on
      • Monitor power is not on
      • Scope is not properly connected to processor
      • Lamp on processor is not turned on
      • Lamp is burned out
      • Cables running from processor to monitor are damaged or improperly connected
      • Incorrect input on front of monitor is selected
      • Printer is not turned on (if wired through some models of printers)
      • Scope CCD is damaged

    Possible Solutions

      • Turn processor power/switch on
      • Turn monitor power/switch on
      • Ensure scope is properly connected and locked into processor
      • Turn lamp on
      • Check to see if lamp ignites when lamp switch is turned on. If not, the lamp may need replacement
      • Inspect cables between processor and monitor to ensure that they are properly connected and not damaged. Cable may require replacement. If a secondary cable is connected (i.e. S-Video), change monitor input selector to the appropriate alternate input
      • Ensure that input button on front of monitor is consistent with the input jack that the input cabling is connected to at the back of the monitor
      • Turn the printer on
      • Send scope in for repair