Video Processor EPK‑p

The EPK-p is an economically efficient video processor for routine endoscopy, offering high functionality at an affordable price. This reliable video processor has been designed to support routine endoscopy, with a lower cost of ownership.

Reliable functionality for routine endoscopy
The EPK-p provides standard video outputs and image processing options that function well for routine endoscopy. Its reliable features include multiple video configurations, digital zoom, visible noise reduction, and contrast enhancement.

Low cost of ownership
The EPK-p utilizes a 150 watt halogen light source which is cost-effective to run, simple to maintain, and inexpensive to replace. The EPK-p processor’s low cost of ownership combined with PENTAX Medical’s convenient customer service meets the needs of today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment.

External image recording interface
The EPK-p features a serial interface (USB) to record still images on a computer with Endoimage software installed. This convenient USB interface allows the seamless transfer of images into electronic reports and patient records.


Lamp Video Output Dimentions Weight
HD Standard
(W x H x D)(mm) (kg)
150W Halogen Lamp - RGB x 1, Y/C x 2, Composite x 1 380 x 155 x 430 11.0


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