PENTAX Medical to launch the new premium PENTAX Medical INSPIRATM 4K video processor (EPK-i8020c) and i20c endoscope generation in Australia

March 15, 2023

PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ video processor (EPK-i8020c) and the i20c endoscope generation obtain CE marks


Australia, Sydney – 16 March 2023

PENTAX Medical,a division of HOYA Group, has obtained CE Mark for two of its latest innovations: The PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™, a new, premium 4K video processor and the i20c video endoscope series. Developed with a focus on the needs of healthcare providers, the new video processor maintains compatibility with PENTAX Medical’s existing endoscopy range[1] and sets new standards in combination with the new i20c video endoscope generation.

PENTAX Medical is launching INSPIRA™ at the Sydney International Endoscopy Symposium (SIES) 2023, showcasing our latest product innovations, including our range of video processors and endoscopes at the PENTAX Medical booth.

Maha Guruswamy, President of PENTAX Medical Asia Pacific, comments: “The PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ 4K video processor is a milestone for endoscopy in Asia Pacific. This future-proof platform, with its ability to upgrade the imaging capabilities of endoscopes from previous generations, provides our customers with the economic flexibility, and image quality they need to improve patient care. In addition, when combined with our new i20c endoscopes, PENTAX Medical elevates image quality and endoscope handling to the next level in endoscopy.”

Optimum image quality
The PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ 4K video processor delivers exceptional image quality with any PENTAX Medical endoscope[2]. Equipped with two connection types, it allows for upgrading the existing endoscopy portfolio1 to the latest imaging standards. This intelligent feature extends the lifecycle of each endoscope for greater sustainability and economic savings, while continuing to meet the standards of modern imaging and visualization.

Enhanced user experience                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ video processor combines cutting-edge functionality in one plug-and-play solution with smartphone-like usability. It is controlled via a customizable, state-of-the-art touch panel equipped with innovative image enhancement functionalities and 4K image processing. This ultimately enables physicians to focus on what is important, achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

Next-generation endoscopes with superior ergonomics
The unique control body of the i20c endoscopes is designed with enhanced ergonomics. As a result, physicians instantly benefit from outstanding maneuverability, angulation, and handling. In addition, the novel design of the lightweight connector of the i20c video endoscopes further optimizes the endoscopic workflow allowing for more efficient reprocessing.



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[1] 90i, i10, J10, 90K and i10c series endoscopes.

Not all models are compatible. For detail, contact your local PENTAX Medical service facility.

[2] 90i, i10, J10, 90K, i10c and i20c series endoscopes.

Not all models are compatible. For detail, contact your local PENTAX Medical service facility.