Video Processor EPK‑100p

The EPK-100p video processor, with a powerful Xenon light source, offers PENTAX Medical’s high quality and reliability at a great value for routine endoscopy.
High-quality design
The EPK-100p features PENTAX Medical quality engineering and manufacturing for reliable, high-quality video processing.

Powerful Illumination
The EPK-100p’s Xenon light source produces bright, natural-spectrum light for clear illumination of both small- and large-lumen anatomy. Xenon lamps have long been the gold standard for bright, natural color illumination.

Cost-effective features
PENTAX Medical designed the EPK-100p to offer key endoscopic functionality, at an exceptional price. Features include both automatic and manual brightness control, red-blue color correction, and data management.

Lamp Video Output Dimentions Weight
HD Standard
(W x H x D)(mm) (kg)
100W Xenon Lamp - RGB x 1, Y/C x 2, Composite x 1 380 x 155 x 420 15.0


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