Forward Program 2022


The PENTAX Medical forward Academy™ is a comprehensive training curriculum inspired by the ESGE & KSGE guidelines and curriculum for achieving proficiency in performing ESD and EUS.

The forward Academy was developed in partnership with recognized training experts, allowing an exchange and network between Europe and Asia Pacific. It has been further expanded to ensure better coverage in Asia Pacific countries welcoming ESD masters.

The forward Academy aims to target physicians from Asia Pacific who would like to be the future leaders and mentors in this technique. The program entails several steps as outlined below:

  1. Basics lectures & hands on training
  2. Case observation in Mento’s hospitals. Ex vivo & In vivo ESD hands-on training in person in Korea
  3. Ex Vivo Training on site
  4. Case based tips and tricks sharing from Mentors
  5. Online coaching and Mentoring with expert

The forward Academy is PENTAX Medical’s platform to enter and expand its footprint in the advanced therapeutics world.