Video Naso‑Pharyngo‑Laryngoscope VNL‑1190STK

The PENTAX Medical VNL-1190STK is a slim video naso-pharyngo-laryngoscope with a miniature color CCD built into the distal tip of the scope, providing full-screen display of high-resolution images to observe minute pathology. Stroboscopic observation of the vocal folds is possible with a strobe light source. The VNL-1190STK can be combined with the EPK-series color video processor to produce a reliable, compact video system for routine naso-pharyngoscopy.

High-quality imaging

The slim VNL-1190STK provides detailed high-resolution images for the clear visibility necessary to assess subtle pathology and microvasculature.

i-scan enhanced visualization

The VNL-1190STK delivers bright, clear, high-resolution images for detailed visualization of anatomy. When paired with PENTAX Medical’s i-scan software-based image-enhancement, physicians can switch in real-time between three algorithms (SE, CE, and TE) for enhanced tissue surface texture and blood vessel visualization which may help increase disease detection.

Engineered for comfortable efficiency

The maximum flexibility of PENTAX Medical insertion tubes combined with the ultra-slim design of the VNL-1190STK makes maneuvering in laryngeal anatomy easier for physicians and more comfortable for patients. PENTAX Medical's unique flexible insertion-tube technology allows smooth operation and insertion to help make procedures faster and more tolerable for patients.


  1. Neumann H, Vieth M, Fry LC., et al. Learning curve of virtual chromoendoscopy for the prediction of hyperplastic and adenomatous colorectal lesions: a prospective 2 center study. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 2013;78(1):115-120.

Insertion Tube Diameter Instrument Channel Diameter * Working Length Total Length Angle of View Focal Range Angulation
Up / Down Right / Left
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (mm) (°)
3.7 - 300 500 80 3 – 50 130 – 130 -

                        *Instrument Channel Diameter: Minimum Instrument Channel Diameter


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