Video Lower GI Scope EC‑3490Ti / RetroView

With 210-degree deflection and a tight bending radius, the EC-3490TLI video colonoscope (RetroView™)  is designed to help improve procedural accuracy and efficiency. This unique design empowers physicians to better navigate tight spaces and perform a more thorough examination of the mucosa, which may find more disease. The shortened distal end, combined with enhanced tip deflection, can improve positioning of the endoscope within the lumen for more convenient therapeutic access.

Find more disease

When using EC-3490TLi Video Colonoscopes (RetroView™), physicians have reported the potential to dramatically increase the number of polyps detected by using retroflex technology to visualize the proximal side of colon folds and flexures.

Advanced therapeutic options

With a 25% smaller retroflex radius and 210-degree retroflex angulation, the extra maneuverability of RetroView™ Video Colonoscopes can enable users to more easily position the scope to access hidden polyps and treat them using advanced therapeutic procedures such as endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) and endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD).

Improved colonoscopy completion rates

RetroView™ is a slim colonoscope with a short turn-radius bending section that may increase the percentage of colonoscopies completed by navigating around the sharp turns and tight areas of difficult colons to reach the cecum quickly and efficiently.

Insertion Tube Diameter Instrument Channel Diameter * Working Length Total Length Angle of View Focal Range Angulation
Up / Down Right / Left
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (mm) (°)
11.6 3.2 1700 2023 140 3 - 100 210 / 180 160 / 160
11.6 3.2 1500 1823 140 3 - 100 210 / 180 160 / 160
11.6 3.2 1300 1623 140 3 - 100 210 / 180 160 / 160

                  *Instrument Channel Diameter: Minimum Instrument Channel Diameter


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