Analysis of Dysphonia in Speech and Voice ‑ ADSV™

Offering Voice Quality Assessment of CONNECTED Speech
ADSV from PENTAX Medical has been adopted by numerous Voice Centers around the country as a standard assessment tool for voice patients. The protocol driven interface makes ADSV easy-to-use and the use of a validated measure and a common voice assessment scale makes it easy to interpret.

Validated Measure

ADSV utilizes spectral- and cepstral-based analyses, which overcome the shortcomings of traditional acoustic assessment methods. This means that ADSV can provide reliable assessment of dysphonic severity for voice samples where time-based analyses are often less reliable, such as continuous speech samples and severely dysphonic voices. ADSV has been shown in numerous studies to contribute valuable data for patient care.

Easy to Use

ADSV utilizes protocols for simple completion of typical therapy tasks, including CAPE-V sentences for efficient use in the voice clinic. Available protocols are as follows:

  • Sustained Vowel
  • Easy Onset Sentence
  • All Voiced Sentence
  • Hard Glottal Attack Sentence
  • Voiceless Plosives Sentence
  • Rainbow Passage (Excerpt)

Using standard protocols minimizes variation in application and contributes to better patient care.

Easy to Interpret

ADSV calculates the Cepstral/Spectral Index of Dysphonia (CSIDTM) which quantifies the level of dysphonia in a sample. The CSID is based on the CAPE-V assessment scale and has been shown in several studies to correlate with the perceptual assessment of raters. Clinicians can use the CSID in conjunction with other assessment methods to monitor patient performance over time, or before and after therapy or other intervention. Because the CSID is based on the CAPE-V scale, the results are easy to understand and communicate.


*The CAPE-V was developed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Special Interest Group 3, Voice and Voice Disorders.

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