Computerized Speech Lab (CSL™)

The definition of accuracy

Introducing the Computerized Speech Lab (CSL™) the next-generation product that set the standard in voice signal capture and analysis.

The CSL hardware and software solution is considered to be the gold standard for accurate capture and playback of acoustic signals of speech and voice production. Designed for the research environment, the CSL is an essential tool for collecting quantitative objective data for documentation and research purposes via well-established methodologies.

Reliable results

The CSL is supported by more than 20 years of clinical research published in peer-reviewed journals, is used in the leading voice clinics around the world, and is regarded by the speech language pathology and voice science community to be the gold standard in technology.

PENTAX Medical acoustic hardware offers a level of confidence during signal acquisition that is not available in free or low-cost acoustic software. The advanced audio capture technology surpasses any competitor as it not only optimizes recording but audio playback as well. Its precise sampling rates ensure no alteration of the signal during capture. This allows measuring of even the smallest amount of noise or perturbation in the voice, which is critical for accurate and repeatable results.

The CSL is compatible with:

  • ADSV
  • MDVP
  • Real-Time Pitch
  • Motor Speech Profile
  • Real-Time Spectrogram
  • Sona-Match
  • Voice Games
  • Auditory Feedback Tools
  • Voice Range Profile
  • 6600 Phonatory Aerodynamic System (PAS)

Robust research tool

The CSL professional grade acoustic instrumentation is designed to comply with industry recommendations for measures of patient performance that may be compared to normative data. This includes calibrated SPL range, habitual fundamental frequency, motor speech, and cepstral-based voice quality measures.

Engineered with speech pathologists and voice scientists to support research applications, the CSL is capable of 2- or 4-line input channels for multiple signal acquisition and DC coupling for low-frequency signals. The CSL is also packaged with a precision microphone for superior noise suppression and a professional-grade speaker to ensure high-fidelity feedback.

With more than 30 years of experience developing speech and voice assessment tools, PENTAX Medical speech products have become the standard for research with clinical speech language pathologists and voice scientists around the world.



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