Nasometer: Model 6500

Since its introduction in 1986, the Nasometer has proven to be a useful tool in the evaluation of nasal resonance and treatment of nasality problems often associated with cleft palate and other velopharygeal disorders. It provides objective measurement for evidence-based treatment selection, and visual and auditory feedback for improved patient acquisition of therapy goals.

Contributes to improved therapy results

The Nasometer offers real-time processing enabling immediate visual and auditory feedback of nasalance measures to facilitate patients’ acquisition of therapy goals.

Designed to facilitate clinical efficiency

The Nasometer provides a simple, noninvasive method for obtaining objective measures of nasalance during speech. It is designed to enable consistent data collection in support of evidence-based treatment selection. It also offers easy interpretation of results by comparing patient data with standardized norms gathered from normal speakers in dozens of languages, or comparing patient results pre- and post-treatment.

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