Service That's A Step Ahead

PENTAX Service knows that minimizing risk is the first step to achieving lower costs, fewer errors, and optimized efficiency in the medical community. Instead of archaic service models that simply cover repairs, our goal is to help healthcare facilities remain proactive in their efforts to maintain devices to reduce preventable risks. That’s why we’ve devoted substantial resources, technology, and training to help your facility improve patient care while safeguarding your bottom line.

The ServiceWorks program is built on a foundation of holistic support with the help of expert guidance, certified inspection control specialists, regular maintenance inspections, and a shared risk and savings program to ensure the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost for your facility.


Flexible contract with rewards for proper equipment care

Throughout the course of your service contract, the needs of your facility may change. That’s why PENTAX is building the industry’s most aggressive service-cost reduction program with flexible repair contracts and rebates for optimized equipment care and maintenance. Our shared risk and saving program is an industry first, fully-capitated service package complete with rebates for service underutilization.

The flexible repair contract includes:

  • Unlimited repair coverage regardless of the cause of damage
  • Automatic 20% discount on all contract repairs
  • Discounts on reprocessing and cleaning accessories designed and validated for use with your PENTAX scopes
  • Electronics coverage including video processors and light sources at no extra charge
  • Tracked service utilization for complete transparency you can trust
  • Equipment Mix Adjustments: Trade-in underutilized endoscopes for models that you need

With our shared risk and joint savings program, you can earn a rebate up to 80% of any unused contract deposit towards the purpose of a renewal agreement. We pass the savings of properly cared for equipment on to you.


Avoid preventable errors

Endoscopic equipment errors can create significant liabilities that can cripple healthcare systems. PENTAX focuses on helping you avoid escalating service costs and dangerous cross-contamination events by providing you with the tools you need to properly care for devices. With our expert guidance, you can ensure your facility is fully trained on best practices to prevent damage and increase the life of your equipment.   

Our Proactive approach: Daily repair code reporting

Get instant notifications when preventable repairs are discovered and training resources to ensure proper use in the future.

How it works:

Damaged scope received by PENTAX ServiceWorks™ Repair Center 

Risk of future scope damage is effectively minimized
Reduces escalating costs


  1. Endoscope error alert is received via email
  2. Facility tracks the specific staff member
  3. Staff member is re-trained on proper endoscope care and handling


Working harder for you: Expert training

At installation—Your staff will receive detailed care and handling training focused on:

  • preventing wear and tear to optimize patient care and reduce costs for your facility
  • proper equipment-use and best practices in reprocessing, utilization, storage, and maintenance

Ongoing support—With your ServiceWorks One contract, PENTAX provides:

  • bi-annual on-site equipment maintenance inspections
  • additional on-site training upon request


Preventing cross-contamination

Most cases of microbial transmission via contaminated scopes are due to non-adherence to reprocessing guidelines. Despite these guidelines, reprocessing lapses continue to be a widespread concern and can lead to increased patient morbidity and mortality.

At PENTAX, our team of Certified Infection Control Specialists are dedicated to providing healthcare facilities with the tools and knowledge they need to understand and address the internal and external factors that affect instrument cleanliness. By utilizing evaluations, “train the trainer” methodologies, and regular in-servicing, PENTAX makes it a priority to ensure adherence to our reprocessing best practices and IFUs for the sake of your patients and your facility.


Exceeding expectations

PENTAX designed the ServiceWorks One program from the ground up with the goal of seamless integration and optimized workflows in mind.


 Actionable service analytics

  • Daily preventable repair event notifications
  • Regular utilization reporting for general updates
  • Resources to enforce proper care and handling

Annual equipment mix optimization

  • Non-specialty instrument exchanges
  • Ensures equal usage/wear of all instruments



Equipment dependability/uptime assurance


  • Exact model loaner instruments during repairs
  • Loaner protection ensures unit uptime if an endoscope is damaged
  • Repair exchange program for ASCs




Expert guidance and certified inspection control specialists

  • Provides evaluations and risk assessments
  • Train-the-trainer methodologies to educate staff
  • In-service training reinforcement
  • Targeted care/handling training at installation and annually to fulfill competencies
  • Bi-annual equipment maintenance inspections
  • Additional on-site training as needed

Continually protects your bottom line


Stay a step ahead


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