ServiceWorks One Contract Features and Terms

  • Unlimited Repair Coverage

    The cost to you “the Customer” is capitated, what we agree to charge for servicing your endoscopes in advance of beginning your contract is what you will pay PENTAX Medical, no matter how many repairs that take place.

  • Rebates for Service Underutilization

    We believe that our customers should benefit for working with PENTAX Medical to reduce or eliminate preventable endoscope damage. As an incentive to our customers, we are sharing 80% of any joint savings attained with our customers at the end of your contract. This savings will be applied towards the purchase of your renewal agreement.

  • 20% Discount on Repairs

    We believe that customers that commit to PENTAX Medical service of their endoscopes deserve our best pricing. Therefore, every repair that is charged against your service contract is automatically discounted by 20%.

  • Extended Electronics Coverage

    Video Processors for new equipment service contracts are automatically covered at no additional cost to our customers.

  • Annual Equipment Mix Optimization

    Once a year at the annual anniversary of the ServiceWorks One service contract our customers can choose to trade unused or underutilized endoscopes for other models. We know that physician preferences and physicians change and for that reason, we provide this service. A physician leaves your facility who preferred pediatric colonoscopes and one is hired that prefers standard colonoscopes. Instead of having to purchase additional equipment between purchasing cycles, we will exchange the unused or underutilized equipment for like age instruments from our loaner and demo pool of instruments.

  • Daily Preventable Repair Event Notifications

    Every day we receive endoscopes in for repair and we identify the primary reason why the endoscope came in for repair. Several years ago, we categorized these repair codes as either preventable or non-preventable. Now, each morning, our Account Development Managers and Territory Sales Managers receive a report of endoscopes that have come in for repair the previous day that were preventable. We provide this information so that they can then reach out to our customers, explain our findings and provide guidance on how these repairs can be avoided in the future.

  • Repair Exchange Program

    The Repair Exchange Program is reserved for our endoscopy center customers and is currently being trialed at 3 centers across the United States. The intent of the program is to right-size a customers’ endoscope inventory and then provide a specific set of additional endoscopes that are placed on-site and in our service center that only go to those customers. Short term loaner instruments are not needed, easing the burden on our customers and eliminating retrieval efforts for our employees.