Visi‑Pitch, Model 3950C; Computerized Speech Lab (CSL), Model 4500B

The newly redesigned Visi-Pitch, KAY3950c, and Computerized Speech Lab, KAY4500b, (CSL™) are the next-generation of the products that set the standard in voice and speech capture and analysis. Developed and manufactured as medical devices, Visi-Pitch and CSL are the products of choice for a clinical setting.

The new USB interface on the Visi-Pitch 3950c supports use with laptop computers and provides easy setup. Visi-Pitch also now includes two new software modules; Analysis of Dysphonia in Speech and Voice (ADSV) and iCAPE-V, to compliment the portfolio of eight assessment and biofeedback programs. All software is now Windows 10 compatible.

PENTAX Medical acoustic products offer high-quality recording for accurate representation of patient speech and voice, easy-to-use clinical software with numerous measures of speech and voice quality to support an evidence-based practice, and visual and auditory biofeedback to support acquisition of therapy goals.

Engineered for the human voice

PENTAX Medical acoustic products are specifically engineered to capture disordered voice signals. PENTAX acoustic hardware produces high-quality recordings by providing rigorous signal conditioning and a better signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in accurate representation of the patient's speech and voice.

Supports evidence-based treatment

The built-in protocols of PENTAX Medical acoustic products minimize variability assessment and treatment to improve the accuracy of results and support evidence-based treatment selection.

Improves therapy results

PENTAX Medical Acoustic products supplement standard speech therapy with real-time processing for immediate visual and auditory biofeedback. Studies have shown that the PENTAX Medical Visi-Pitch accelerates patient acquisition of therapy goals.

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