endoPRO 20|20™

Focus on Efficiency and Quality Patient Care 

Collecting and reporting quality indicators are now more than ever vitally important for endoscopy suites to facilitate clinical and operation improvements. PENTAX Medical’s endoPRO 20I20™ is the innovative solution that delivers actionable business intelligence, uncompromised image management and easy procedure reporting.

endoPRO 20I20™ is an advanced image management and patient data management/analysis system that supports all stages of your endoscopy suites’ clinical workflow, streamlining patient care and operation performance from patient arrival to patient discharge. endoPRO 20I20™ is cross-platform compatible capable of interfacing with all brands of endoscopic equipment. It seamlessly integrates with healthcare information systems and other medical devices crucial to quality patient care. Completely customized to meet your unique environment, endoPRO 20I20™ enables physicians and nursing staff to:

Focus on Efficiency:

  • Pathology module with interfacing to internal or external pathology labs
  • Easy to see notifications when pathology results are ready to be reviewed
  • Automate the follow up interval base on society guidelines
  • Sign off on pathology with eSignature
  • Automate ADR calculations
  • Orders interface for pathology labs
  • Send videos and images to the hospital PACs through Dicom
  • Manage patient scheduling with the best in class white board scheduler
  • Track patients from arrival to discharge with customizable
  • First and only software system that integrates directly with a small bowel capsule with the CapsoCam capsule
  • Deep integration with Pentax EPK video processor that eliminates the need for a capture device

Focus on Quality:

  • Capture and annotate procedure images and video
  • Procedure findings can be documented based off images
  • Eliminate looking at the clock for procedure times, endoPRO 20|20 can calculate of images taken
  • Generate detailed procedure reports with quality indicators in minimal time with field favorites or template favorites
  • Produce advanced analytics relevant to clinical and operation improvement; also compliant with GIQuIC and PQRS reporting
  • Built in database reports built off excel that show both the report and the data
  • Structured database for rich analytic mining with Qlik analytics

In today’s complex world of endoscopy, PENTAX Medical is dedicated to providing its customers with an integrated Quality Management System that optimizes operational efficiency and helps with population health.

SIMPLE Interface
Intuitive and customizable

SIMPLE Work-Flow
Automated data entry & one-click reporting

SIMPLE Integration
Seamless connectivity with existing IT systems



endoPRO 20|20 OS and SQL Support

OS Support SQL Support
Windows 10, Windows Server 12 R2 and Windows Server 16 SQL 12 SP4, SQL 16 SP2 CU 12, SQL Enterprise 12 SP4, SQL Enterprise 16 SP2 CU 12


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