PENTAX Medical has a suite of networking solutions designed to maximize clinical efficiency, security, and compliance for ENT and Voice centers of all sizes. From versatile and cost-effective viewing options to flexible connecting and sharing, PENTAX Medical can be your single-source provider for your ENT and Voice clinic networking needs.



View And Review Where And When You Need endoPortal is an innovative network solution that allows for remote viewing of stroboscopic, videoendoscopic, TNE, and FEES exams. Once an exam is saved, it is immediately viewable from an office or consultation room, providing clinicians greater flexibility and ensuring most efficient use of work stations. endoPortal's optional HL7 module provides integration with Electronic Hospital Records (EHR) including scheduling of exams through a worklist modality, uploading Word or PDF reports to the hospital database, and sharing of exam video and stills through a secure link. endoPortal is a cost-effective complement to the latest PENTAX Medical stroboscopy, endoscopy, and swallowing systems.

endoServer™ Access And Share With Ease endoServer is an excellent solution for connecting and sharing video, examination reports, and data from stroboscopy, endoscopy, or swallowing systems on a local area network (LAN). endoServer is designed to simplify access and sharing by creating a single shared database regardless of the number of recording systems being used. Any saved exam can be accessed from any workstation on the endoServer network. endoServer utilizes preexisting facility IT-server hardware to store patient exam database information and exam media data in a centralized repository. Data security is enhanced because exams do not reside on workstation hard drives. Exam video is recorded and saved in high-quality MPEG-4 format, ensuring excellent image quality and easy editing.

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