EC‑2990Li Video Colonoscope – UltraSlim

The PENTAX Medical EC-2990Li Video Colonoscope (“UltraSlim”) is a small-diameter colonoscope that is commonly used in cases where standard colonoscopes may have difficulty due to their larger scope diameter.  Examples of difficult cases include, patients with smaller anatomy, such as smaller women and patients with inflammation, obstructions, or colon strictures. UltraSlim features include a 9.8mm insertion-tube diameter, a 2.8mm instrument channel, HD Resolution CCD and a dedicated forward water jet. UltraSlim also has good retroflexion capability for polyp removal benefits with a short turn radius bending section.

Improved completion rates
Endoscopists may choose to use a smaller diameter endoscope when a patient’s condition or anatomy presents difficulties that prevent reaching the cecum with standard (13.2mm) or slim (11.6mm) colonoscopes.  The EC-2990Li UltraSlim Colonoscope features a 9.8mm insertion tube outer diameter with the length of a standard colonoscope. Some examples of use include colons with sharp turns, strictures, smaller frame patients and children.

More retroflexion and scope positioning opportunity
The EC-2990Li UltraSlim Colonoscope has a short 8.5cm bending section that results in a tight bending radius when used in a retroflex position. This design provides more opportunity for the physician to incorporate retroflexion in areas throughout the colon and positioning for access and resection of challenging polyps.

HD imaging and water jet to support more thorough examinations
The EC-2990Li UltraSlim Colonoscope features an HD Resolution CCD for high definition clarity, detailed visualization throughout the colon. UltraSlim is also equipped with a dedicated water jet for irrigation to clear the viewing area and allow the physician to apply a more thorough examination of the colon.

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Product Description Channel Diameter Insertion Tube Diameter Working Length Angulation Angle of View Forward Water Jet Image Technology
Up / Down Right / Left
(mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (°)
UltraSlim 2.8 9.8 1700 180/180 160/160 140 Yes PENTAX HD+

                        *Instrument Channel Diameter = Minimum Instrument Channel Diameter


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Reprocessing step-by-step  


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