EPK‑i5010 Video Processor ‑ HD

The EPK-i®5010 is the most recent FDA-approved PENTAX Medical video processor. It offers the well-known and robust software-based platform, which enables it to be easily connected with your hospital or clinic network via network cabling. The horsepower of this processor also provides the practitioner with highly illuminated HD pictures and unique image-enhancing capabilities known as PENTAX i-SCANTM.

Find More Disease*

  • EPK-i®5010 with PENTAX i-SCAN™ technology provides tools which may help to improve characterization and increase detection of disease
  • EPK-i®5010 delivers high definition imaging when used with the PENTAX Medical 90i and i10 Series endoscopes

Easy to Use

  • PENTAX i-SCAN™ has three preset modes (Modes 1,2 and 3) to help you find more disease
  • The EPK-i®5010 has the ability to have user profiles saved in order to accommodate the setting preferences of each individual physician
  • Interfaces with EMR systems and endowriters 

The PENTAX EPK-i5010 Video Processor has been cleared for use with the PENTAX camera heads, endoscopes, light sources, monitors and other ancillary equipment for gastrointestinal endoscopic diagnosis, treatment and video observation.  The PENTAX EPK-i5010 includes PENTAX i-Scan, a digital, post-processing imaging enhancement technology.

i-SCAN is intended to be used as an optional adjunct following traditional white light endoscopy and is not intended to replace histopathological sampling.  i-SCAN is compatible with PENTAX Medical K-series and i-Series gastrointestinal videoscopes and colonovideoscopes.

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Lamp Video Output Image Enhancement Image Recording Network Connectors Dimensions Weight
HD Standard
(W x H x D)(mm) (kg)
300W Xenon Lamp DVI x 1 VGA x1 RGB x 1, Y/C x 2, VIDEO OUT x 1 PENTAX i-scan USB Flash Memory RS-232C RJ45 400 x 205 x 485 22.0


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