Leasing and Financing Programs

Competitive. Flexible. Easy to Use.

Consider the benefits:

  • Preserve bank credit lines or cash for expansion or acquisition; use leasing to maximize the value of leading-edge technology
  • Avoid equipment obsolescence since leasing allows for upgrades during the term with asset ownership flexibility at the end of the term
  • Fair Market Value and Capital Lease options available ranging from 12 to 60 months
  • Structure the lease payments to match cash flow objectives
    • Deferred or seasonal payment structures
    • Practice-builder terms, allowing for low payments to start
  • If you need new equipment now, but budget monies are only available next year
    • Bridge-to-budget structures help carry you over to capital budget outlays later
  • Maximize tax savings with structures allowing for expensed lease payments or take advantage of any Federal Government stimulus and depreciation guidelines as available
  • Address balance sheet considerations with products that qualify for Operating Lease treatment
  • 100% Financing available with no down payment and no fees
  • Bundling in the cost of service or your IT and software solutions will help save money while making the process simple

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