Slim Linear Ultrasound Endoscope ‑ EG‑3270UK

Introducing the newest addition to the PENTAX Medical EUS portfolio. The Slim Linear is slimmer, more maneuverable, and maintains the same high-quality ultrasound image you have come to expect from PENTAX Medical.


Stunning Ultrasound

The Slim Linear features the latest in transducer imaging technologies bundled into the slimmest curved linear GI echoendoscope available today*. Utilize the Slim Linear high-resolution imaging, power doppler and elastography to assess organs, lymph nodes, and masses for accurate diagnosis.

Slim Linear features the latest ultrasound technologies including elastography and power doppler to identify variations in tissue stiffness.


Advanced Maneuverability

The Slim Linear places unmatched maneuverability into the hands of the physician. With a slimmer insertion tube and tighter angle bending section, the scope facilitates easier intubation and advancement to the descending duodenum.

Slim Linear (left) features our shortest bending section.


Versatile Applications

With a 2.8 mm instrument channel and a newly designed elevator, the Slim Linear will enable you to meet the high clinical demands of diagnostic and interventional EUS procedures in the upper gastrointestinal tract, as well as facilitate disease staging.

The enhanced elevator offers controlled needle positioning for precision EUS-FNA

Slim Linear
Field of View Depth of Field Tip angulation up-down / right-left Rigid Distal Width Insertion Tube Width Minimum Instrument Channel Width Insertion portion working length Total Length Acoustic Frequency Scan Direction Scan Angle Balloon
(°) (mm) (°) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (MHz) (°)
120 (50 forward oblique) 5-100 130/130 11.5 10.8 2.8 1250 1560 5-10; adjustable longitudinal 120 Yes; removable


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