Third Party Software Notices for DISCOVERY


Smart Assistant System


This product uses a Linux[1] based operating system based on the Yocto[2] tool chain. As many of the tools within this OS are distributed under the GPL, you can obtain a copy of the tool chain and sources for the firmware image on request under the following address:

Hoya Corporation – Pentax Medical Division
Digital Endoscopy GmbH
Paul-Lenz-Str. 5
86316 Friedberg – Germany

The proprietary software that runs under this operating system and is not publicly available also uses some external open source projects. The dynamically linked libraries are part of the firmware image you can obtain on request as mentioned above.


Detail of libraries used (720MB)



[1]Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

[2]Linux Foundation and Yocto Project are registered trademarks of The Linux Foundation.

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