Welcome to the World of Intelligence

Imagine a world where every single detail makes sense – and adds up to a complete concept of intelligent solutions. Where everyone works for patient’s health and comfort as well as for the benefit of clinical institutions. A world of cleverly engineered technology and full-ranged service. A world that tackles clinical challenges and helps you to fight diseases, cancer and infections.

This is the world of PENTAX Medical.



Today, every story seems to begin with the novel corona virus. It has impacted everyone’s lives in different ways.

Due to COVID-19 many regular examinations were cancelled which could have led to a significant progress in patient’s cancer. Meaning increase in death rates may soon not only be related to COVID-19 but also due to the hold on running endoscopy lists. Moreover, minimizing the risk of infections became more important than ever.

That’s why we increased our efforts to support you with a world of smart and sophisticated solutions. It consists of cleverly engineered technology, a full-ranged service commitment, and continuous attention to infection prevention.



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