ESD Accessories

A full range of ESD accessories for a complete dissection.
PENTAX Medical accessories cover all steps of the ESD procedure and can be perfectly combined with the PENTAX Medical RetroView scope, with its unique 210° defl ection ability and reduced bending radius of its distal end, for a safe and time-efficient dissection.

Splash M-Knife

Multi-functional device for a complete ESD

Splash M-Knife is a unique multi-functional accessory allowing complete ESD procedures with a single device. Developed and designed to achieve clear marking, better hemostasis and smoother and easier operation with fixed knife length and hooking mechanism. It allows improved hemostasis ability with better bleeding control during a procedure without replacing the knife. The Splash M-Knife sets a new standard for performing a complete ESD therapy safely with a single device.



For a safe and fast therapeutic approach

The Mucosectom has an insulated tip to reduce the risk of perforation, while the extended knife length can reduce the amount of time the procedure takes. The knife on the side of the 360° rotatable tip, and the optical marker, assist the physician in holding the accessory in the direction of the lesion and dissecting it precisely.



Precise and safe

The Swanblade has an insulated tip to reduce the risk of perforation and its sloped distal-end helps to block the muscular layer providing a safe dissection of the submucosal layer. The optical marker indicates the knife positioning while the 360° rotating tip with the lock function allows to precisely direct it in the lesion.



All in one

The Ksnare combines an adjustable knife on the tip for precise marking and incision and a snare for resection. This enables hybrid technique EMR/ESD, especially in the colon. Ksnare is an all-in-one accessory for complete lesion resection.


Bipolar HemoStat-Y

Easy control of bleeding

The HemoStat-Y is a bipolar forceps used to accomplish effective initial hemostasis for gastrointestinal bleeding. Its great flexibility makes it easy-to-use, even in difficult positions, and for a variety of applications. The bipolar forceps are designed to support fast and efficient hemostasis without causing damage to the deeper tissue through thermal degeneration. The HemoStat-Y enables long-term prevention of re-bleeding, especially during ESD.


Longueur utile Min. Channel Diamètre de la partie insérable Knife Length Adjustable Knife Length Snare/Cup Opening
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
1800 2.8 2.7 Extended 2.0, Retracted 0.5 - -
2200 2.8 2.7 Extended 2.0, Retracted 0.5 - -
1800 2.8 2.5 5.0 - -
2200 2.8 2.6 2.5 - -
1800 2.8 2.6 2.1 - -
1800 2.8 2.6 6.0 2.0-6.0 22
2200 2.8 2.6 6.0 2.0-6.0 22

Hemostasis Forceps

H-S2518 *
H-S2522 *
Longueur utile Min. Channel Diamètre de la partie insérable Snare/Cup Opening
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
1800 2.8 2.6 4.0
2200 2.8 2.6 4.0


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