PENTAX Medical Stroboscopy Solution

PENTAX Medical offers a comprehensive stroboscopy solution that addresses physicians’ exam video capture, data management and workflow needs.

  • Provides multiple methods of recording stroboscopic exams for sharp, clear viewing of structure and detail with both flexible and rigid endoscopes. 
  • Delivers brilliant and evenly distributed illumination throughout the patient’s pitch and intensity range.
  • Features PENTAX Medical anti-blinking technology, resulting in razor sharp video and in-focus still images of the vocal folds.
  • Engineered with fast and accurate frequency tracking, with immediate lock-on and automatic light control.
  • Designed with features specifically engineered for ENT specialists.
  • Compatible with DEFINA EPK-3000 and J10 line-up flexible videoscopes.


9380 Digital Capture Module: Advanced recording system

The 9380 Digital Capture Module introduces advanced and customizable recording features in a sleek and compact design, addressing the evolving needs of medical professionals across various clinical environments. Its lightweight footprint ensures portability and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for medical exam rooms, clinician's offices, hospital bedside setups, fluoroscopy suites, or speech pathology treatment rooms.

Product highlights:

  • Powerful and intuitive software including montage, side-by-side image display, slow-motion, and frame-by-frame viewing.
  • Now with advanced features such as multi-source recording in a single exam and a robust clinical search tool.
  • Still-capture during live exams and ability to record, playback, and record again in a single exam.
  • Built-in customizable patient database.
  • Compatible with a full suite of add-on networking solutions to meet varying clinical and financial needs.


9400 Strobe Light Source

Stroboscopy is vital for direct observation of vocal fold anatomy and phonation physiology, revealing intricate details otherwise invisible to the naked eye due to the rapid vibration of vocal folds. However, traditional camera shutters often fail to freeze motion effectively, resulting in blurred images and loss of critical edge detail.

The 9400 Strobe Light Source offers a groundbreaking solution:

By utilizing a brief pulse of high-intensity light (0.000005 sec.), it exposes the camera CCD element to the moving image with unparalleled precision. This results in crisp, detailed images even during high-speed motion, providing ENT physicians with clear insights into anatomical structures and physiological dynamics.


Additional benefits

Moreover, the 9400 Strobe Light Source enhances flexibility, crucial for procedures with flexible endoscopes. Unlike shuttered cameras that require prolonged exposure, the 9400's rapid pulse ensures optimal image quality without sacrificing flexibility or detail.

Experience superior stroboscopic imaging with the 9400 Strobe Light Source, revolutionizing ENT diagnostics and enhancing patient care.

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