DEC™ Video Duodenoscope ED32‑i10 and ED34‑i10T2

The PENTAX Medical Video Duodenoscopes ED32-i10 and ED34-i10T2 combine a sterile disposable elevator cap (DEC) for single-patient use and simple disposal that advances cleaning capability of the duodenoscope to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve patient care with High-Definition image quality for detailed endoscopic visualization during ERCP procedures.

Maximize infection prevention, reduce risk

The DEC allows simplified reprocessing and increased cleaning capability, and thus helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Reliable therapeutic performance

PENTAX Medical’s first duodenoscope with a disposable elevator that offers HD+ image quality for detailed visualization of the papilla for high precision in ERCP procedures.

Reprocessing operational efficiency

35% reduction in distal end reprocessing* due to better access for cleaning and disinfection as well as disposability of the elevator.

*In comparison to the standard duodenoscopes of the major manufacturers. Source: PENTAX Medical internal benchmarking

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Field of View Direction of view Depth of Field Tip angulation Tip deflection right-left Distal end width Insertion Tube Width Minimum Instrument Channel Width Insertion portion working length
Up / Down
(°) (mm) (°) (°) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
100 105 (15 retro) 4-60 120-90 105-90 12.5 10.8 3.2 1,250
100 100 (10 retro) 4-60 120-90 105-90 13.6 11.6 4.2 1,250


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