VIVIDEO ‑ ENT Videoscope Solution

The technology breakthrough in ENT solutions

Introducing VIVIDEO, PENTAX Medical offers ENT physicians the opportunity to make the switch from fiber to video imaging.
VIVIDEO delivers affordable HD video quality to increase diagnostic yield, patient care and overall performance.

Superior image quality
• High quality diagnostic examinations in all ENT environments.
• Integrated HD video recording to capture and document clinical findings.

Improved patient care
• Reduced patient uncertainty by providing fast diagnosis through effective and high quality examinations.
• Extremely small diameter (3mm) allows maximum patient comfort.
• Unique insertion tube flexibility enables smooth and convenient procedures.

Performance and price efficiency
• Outstanding price-performance for increased patient throughput and overall efficiency.



VIVIDEO Video Processor [CP-1000]

Voltage Frequency Video Output Image Format Image Recording Dimensions Weight
(V) (Hz) (W x H x D)(mm) (kg)
100 -240 50 / 60 DVI-D interface [digital], VGA interface [analog] SXGA [1280x1024@60p], XGA [1024x768@60p],720p [1280x720@60p] HDTV, 1080p [1920x1080@30p] HDTV USB stick [with FAT32 or Ext3 file system] 340 x 75 x 380 approx. 5

Video Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscope [VNL9-CP]

Distal End Diameter Insertion Tube Diameter Working Length Angle of View Focal Range Tip Deflection Type of illumination
(mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (mm) (Up/Down)(°)
3 3.3 300 90 5 - 50 120 / 120 Scope-integrated LED illumination


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