Video Processor EPK‑i5010

The PENTAX Medical EPK-i5000 combines excellent illumination and HD image quality at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Ideal for practitioners focused on state-of-the-art imaging technology for their day-to-day clinical work.

High-quality HD images

The EPK-i5000 has been designed to offer state-of-the-art HD imaging. Powerful illumination and digital signal processing provide a bright, clear white light image to enhance visualization and may facilitate improved detection.

i-scan enhanced visualization

i-scan image processing is a digital, software-based image enhancement that improves visualization of mucosal surface texture and blood vessels in real time. In combination with the clear, bright HD white light imaging of the EPK-i5000 processor, i-scan enhances tissue and blood vessel structures which may help improve disease detection and characterization.

Efficient interface with custom options

The front panel of the EPK-i5000 has been designed to provide easy access to essential features. All routine functions can be controlled through uniquely identified buttons, and a customizable button exists for each physician’s favorite feature. Further advanced control options are available through an integrated keyboard menu.


Product Overview

Лампа Видеовыход Улучшение качества изображения Запись изображения Сетевые коннекторы Габаритные размеры Bec
HD Standard
(Ш x В x Д)(мм) (кг)
300W Xenon Lamp DVI x 1 VGA x1 RGB x 1, Y/C x 2, VIDEO OUT x 1 PENTAX i-scan USB Flash Memory RS-232C RJ45 400 x 205 x 485 22.0


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