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PENTAX Medical Launches New Retroflex Colonoscope Reaching Further Than Conventional Scopes

PENTAX Medical Launches New Retroflex Colonoscope Reaching Further Than Conventional Scopes

July 17, 2012

PENTAX Medical, experts in high definition endoscopy, has launched a new high definition video colonoscope offering exceptional flexibility to provide unrivalled visualisation of the mucosa. The new PENTAX EC-3490Ti colonoscope is ideal for detection and treatment of polyps or lesions in areas that a conventional colonoscope can only reach with difficulty, or not at all. This exceptional manoeuvrability of the scope, enabling enhanced retroflexion and detection rates, is made possible by the unique 210° deflection ability and reduced bending radius of its distal tip.

New PENTAX EC-3490Ti colonoscope combines unrivalled flexibility with total stability


Providing a perfect combination of flexibility of the endoscope tip and stability of the endoscope body, the EC-3490Ti offers a valuable contribution to secure Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) or Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD). With a width of just 10.5mm, the distal end diameter of the scope is less than the diameter of the insertion tube, ensuring better stabilisation within the colon and improved patient comfort. Comfort is further enhanced by the ergonomic design and graduated flexibility of the scope, which also deliver excellent efficiency, accuracy and control.

Easy to use and manipulate, the new EC-3490Ti colonoscope has fully customisable buttons for individual usability. Furthermore, a large accessory channel and an integrated Water Jet system, with highly accurate targeting, mean that this scope is suitable for a wide range of treatments. Notably, the colonoscope has been found to be highly effective for use with patients with Irritable Bowel or Crohn’s Disease.

The new colonoscope has been well received by GI clinicians. Dr Jonathan Booth, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, comments, “The PENTAX EC-3490Ti is an excellent colonoscope for advanced work in difficult to reach locations. Its image quality exceeds my expectations and the new 210° distal tip angulation in conjunction with the tighter bend radius mean it has the tip control needed to easily carry out complex therapeutic procedures, including EMR/ESD. In addition, the scope is easy to retrovert, allowing easy visualisation of the rectum, improving adenoma detection in the colon and providing excellent visualisation of the mucosa."

The EC-3490Ti is one of the latest additions to the PENTAX HD+ colonoscope range. This colonoscope features professional high definition HD+ technology; combined with i-scan and excellent illumination allows for better orientation and detection. This ensures the new colonoscope provides exceptional performance for routine and specialised activities – ranging from diagnosis and staging to therapy, setting new standards for state-of-the-art endoscopy. 


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