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Ultra-Slim Colonoscope Sets New Standards

Ultra-Slim Colonoscope Sets New Standards

July 30, 2012

PENTAX UK, an expert in high-definition endoscopy, has recently launched the EC-2990i ultra-slim colonoscope as one of the latest additions to its high definition colonoscope range. The system, which features professional, HD+ technology, sets new standards for state-of-the-art endoscopy which enables clinicians to improve the detection and treatment of polyps or lesions, particularly for more challenging cases, visualising areas that conventional colonoscopes have difficulty reaching.


PENTAX launches the high-definition EC-2990i video colonoscope






The PENTAX EC-2990i colonoscope has an ultra-slim insertion tube diameter of 9.8mm, which provides easier insertion and less discomfort to the patient. The scope is particularly useful for navigation in difficult cases, such as paediatric patients, patients with a small anatomy and adults with gastrointestinal disease or post-operative adhesions. The small bending radius of the distal tip and the unique Graduated Flexibility allows for excellent manoeuvrability, while the 2.8mm working channel offers compatibility with a wide range of instruments to enable biopsies and options for further therapeutic intervention. In order to support cleansing and treatment procedures, this endoscope is also equipped with a Forward Water Jet System.

The unique HD+ resolution of the PENTAX EC-2990i colonoscope, combined with excellent illumination and the cutting edge ‘i-scan’ image processing technology, provides detailed visualisation of the colon and class-leading detection, demarcation and characterisation of tissue abnormalities; this is also recognised by physicians to improve the detection of minute structures1.

“Our new ultra-slim colonoscope means less discomfort to the patient and is ideal for more challenging cases. Our unrivalled HD+ resolution provides physicians with an outstanding image of the colon that can improve the detection and characterisation of lesions and polyps,” said David Moore, Managing Director, PENTAX UK Ltd. “PENTAX is the only company offering this type of ultra-slim HD+ colonoscope in a range of lengths, which also includes a Forward Water Jet System and is compatible with a range of PENTAX HD+ processors.”




1.    “High-Definition Colonoscopy Combined with i-scan Imaging Technology is Superior in the Detection of Adenomas and Advanced Lesions compare to High-Definition Colonoscopy Alone.” Gagovic V. et al, Abstract DDW, 2011.




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